What are Seasonal Patterns?

Seasonal patterns are date ranges for a ticker where a stock behaves bulish or bearish every year for specific number of years.

What is the meaning of seasonal probability ?

Seasonal Viewer, finds seasonal patterns over 5 to 30 years.  For example when looking at 10 year seasonal patterns and we find date ranges where a stock goes up every year we call that : 10 year seasonals with 10 of 10 years; this is a 100% probability seasonal pattern.  We also look for patterns where a stock has gone up 9 of 10 years; this is a 90% seasonal pattern described as 10 year seasonals with 9 of 10 years.

What does number of years for Seasonals mean?

You can look at any number of years for seasonality based on available data.  Best number of years is subjective.  As the number of years for seasonal study increases, the number of opportunities decrease.  You can start with 10 year seasonals, if number of opportunities are too low, drop to 9 or 8 year seasonals.

What is sharpe-ratio?

Trade Seasonals Opportunities Table ranks opportunities by Sharpe Ratio.   A higher Sharpe Ratio is better.  For 10-year seasonals, a Sharpe Ratio of 1 or higher is desirable.

The Sharpe ratio is a measure of risk-adjusted return, which compares the return of an investment to its risk. The ratio is calculated by subtracting the risk-free rate of 4%, from the return on the investment and then dividing that number by the standard deviation of the investment’s returns. A higher Sharpe ratio indicates that an investment has provided higher returns for the level of risk taken on. It is widely used in the finance and investment industry as a measure of risk-adjusted performance.

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Why some stock prices have more than 2 decimal points?

Historical prices of stocks have been effected by splits and dividents.  The historical data has been normalized to show proper percent change.  For this reason prices of a stock that has been split many times over the last 30 years may show the price as a fraction of the original purchase price.  To correctly show the adjusted number,  there may be more than 2 decimal points in historical prices.

What is light green and light red colors on barcharts show?

Dark Red and Dark Green colors show the percent gain or loss at the closing price of the seasonal trade.
Light Green shows the % gain at the highest price the stock achieved during the seasonal trade.
Light Red shows the % loss at the lowest price the stock achieved during the seasonal trade.

What are MFE and MAE checkboxes on the Seasonal Viewer?

MFE stands for Maximum Favoriable Excursion – when checked Seasonal Viewer shows the highest level stock price reached by adding the additional percentage as light green on the top of the dark green bars.

MFE stands for Maximum Adverse Excursion – when checked Seasonal Viewer shows the lowest level stock price reached by adding the additional percentage as light red on the bottom of the bar.


can I upgrade my plan from monthly to yearly?

Yes you can upgrade.  After login go to Account page, link is in the footer, and click on subscriptions.  You can upgrade to any available plan.

How do I bookmark Trades that I find on opportunities table?

We are working hard on adding the feature to bookmark your trades.  This feature will be available by third quarter.
Meanwhile, please use a spreadsheet to track the trades manually until the bookmarking feature is available.  

I'm an unregistered user but don't want to see the Terms window everytime I go to Seasonal Viewer? Do I have to get a paid subscription to stop the popup?

You do not need a paid subscription to eliminate the popup.  You can register as a Free user.  Logged-in users, free and paid can agree to terms one time and then will not see the popup again when logged-in.

I'm interested in other stocks than 500 S&P stocks. How can I get access to those opportunities?

Seasonality works well when a stock has high volume.  Higher volume stocks in Russell 2000 group will be added to Seasonal Viewer soon.  

How about Commodities, Currencies and ETFs?

We will be adding additional seasonality data to the site in the coming months.  We are planning to add:

  • High Volume Russell 2000 stocks
  • Indexes
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • ETFs
  • Mutual Funds

Later in 2022 we will also add foriegn traded instrucments to our site.

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