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trade seasonals is a Seasonal Analytics Environment that helps inestors and traders find and analyze patterns based on time of the year. this is done by testing a date range for a financial instrument. Algoirthm also finds the top 10 opportunities daily.

A Safe Harbor In The Storm

Remember those times when you thought you were making a smart trade, but it ended up costing you?

Like jumping on a trend that suddenly reversed, leaving you with a loss? Or putting your faith in a company that seemed solid, only to watch the price drop in half right after you get in?

It’s frustrating and makes you feel stuck. You start to wonder if there’s any way to win in the markets without taking big risks.

That’s where wave trading comes in.  It’s like finding the calm spots in a stormy sea.

Imagine steering your boat towards an island with buried treasure, guided by a trusty GPS.

In the choppy waters of trading, our Wave Viewer acts as that GPS, helping you navigate around the storm toward buried treasure in the form of low-volatility trade opportunities.

These aren’t wild guesses or risky gambles; they’re patterns that have happened over and over again during the same time period each year.

Of course, the past doesn’t equal the future. But when you’ve seen a track record of gains (over a specific date range) every year for 10, 15, maybe even 30 years or longer, it’s compelling.

These profitable patterns have survived market crashes, recessions, political upheavals, multiple wars, a global pandemic, and more.

With the Wave Viewer, you’re not left adrift, hoping for the best. You have a clear direction, a way to steer towards opportunities that feel safer and more predictable.

It’s that feeling you get when you see only calm seas ahead.

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How Can TradeWave Make You A Better Trader?

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Every trade on the list has seen consistent returns over the same date range for 10 out of 10 years*.

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*8 out of 8 years for bonds

trade seasonals is a Seasonal Analytics Environment that helps inestors and traders find and analyze patterns based on time of the year. this is done by testing a date range for a financial instrument. Algoirthm also finds the top 10 opportunities daily.

Low Risk Trades Are Just A Mouse Click Away

Our Wave Viewer is so good it makes hedge fund managers jealous! 

With just 3 clicks of the mouse, you’ll discover previously unknown opportunities to add to your portfolio.

Find waves in Forex, government bonds, individual companies, indices, and more that have been consistently profitable during specific times of year — from 7 to 95 years!

The best part?

The Wave Viewer is FREE FOREVER for opportunities starting on today’s date.

No registration required.

trade seasonals is a Seasonal Analytics Environment that helps inestors and traders find and analyze patterns based on time of the year. this is done by testing a date range for a financial instrument. Algoirthm also finds the top 10 opportunities daily.

Persistent Practice Paves the Path to Profitability

Imagine having a virtual playground where you can experiment with trading stocks, bonds, forex, and more, all without risking a single penny.

Our portfolio manager lets you do just that!

Create one or several simulated portfolios, filled with opportunities that catch your eye. It’s like a practice field for your trading strategies.

Keep track in real time and see how your choices perform against your target returns and even compare them to your real-world investments.

It’s a risk-free way to learn, practice, and potentially discover winning strategies for the future.

Think of it as a trading test drive, where you can get comfortable and confident before putting real money on the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What exactly is wave trading, and how does it differ from other trading strategies?"

A: Wave trading is a unique approach that focuses on recurring, time-based patterns in the markets, identifying both consistent gains and consistent losses over specific date ranges year after year.

Unlike traditional strategies that may rely on trends, company fundamentals, or overly complex indicators, we dig through hundreds of billions of historical transactions to identify these recurring “waves” of opportunity, whether for buying long or for shorting. 

What sets TradeWave apart is how we prioritize these opportunities.

We filter the best trades to the top by looking for opportunities that offer promising returns without taking on unnecessary or excessive risk. This sorting method helps both beginners and seasoned traders find waves that align with their strategies and comfort levels.

Whether you’re looking to capitalize on upward trends or find value in consistent loss patterns for shorting, wave trading reveals clear, data-driven opportunities that cater to various trading styles.

Q: "Can I use TradeWave if I'm a complete beginner to trading?"


TradeWave is designed with both beginners and seasoned traders in mind.

If you’re just starting out, it’s essential to have reliable tools to help guide your decisions, and that’s where TradeWave shines.

We provide clear, data-driven insights based on historical patterns, making it easier for you to understand the market’s potential movements.

Think of it like having a trusty golf caddy who knows the course inside out, giving you advice on which club to use and how to approach each shot.

While you’ll still need to learn the basics of trading and do your own due diligence, TradeWave can be a valuable companion on your journey, helping you navigate the market with more confidence.

And remember, every great golfer started as a beginner.  With the right tools and determination, you can become adept at trading, too.

Q: "Which markets does TradeWave cover?"

TradeWave lists opportunities in over 10 distinct markets, some of which overlap with others:

  • Dow 30
  • NASDAQ 100
  • S&P 500
  • Russell 1000
  • Wilshire 5000
  • Indices (separated into “Indices Common” and “Indices All”)
  • Forex (separated into “Forex Liquid” and “Forex All”)
  • Government Bonds
  • ETFs

We do not currently cover cryptocurrencies, but we intend to add them in the near future.

Q: "Is TradeWave free to use?"


Dive right in and explore thousands of opportunities across all 10 markets that kick off on today’s date, without spending a dime.

You don’t even need to register!

Just select “Wave Viewer” from the top navigation menu, and you’re on your way.

Want to save opportunities so you can track them over time?

Sign up for our FREE “Ripple” account. It lets you create a portfolio to track up to ten opportunities. And the best part? It remains free for as long as you’re aboard. No credit card required.

If you’re keen on exploring waves that start on past or future dates, or if you’re looking to monitor more than 10 opportunities across various portfolios, consider one of our premium memberships.

We offer “Splash”, “Surf”, and “Tidal” tiers, each providing more options and flexibility.

Dive into our Pricing page to see all the perks each level brings.

Q: "Can I really trust patterns that have occurred in the past to repeat in the future?"

While it’s essential to recognize that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, TradeWave focuses on patterns that have shown remarkable consistency.

These waves have been profitable over specific date ranges for many years, and many of them have survived market crashes, recessions, political upheavals, and more.

This compelling track record of gains definitely adds a level of confidence in these patterns.

However, like all trading strategies, wave trading is not without risk, and it’s crucial to approach it with caution and awareness.

TradeWave’s tools are designed to guide you, but individual judgment and risk management are still vital.

Build confidence by adding opportunities to your Custom Portfolio, which is included when you register for a FREE “Ripple” account

TradeWave tracks them for you over time (in simulation) using current market prices. 

Always consult your financial advisor before taking any trades with real money.

Q: "How does the Wave Viewer work, and what kind of information does it provide?"

The Wave Viewer is a core feature of TradeWave, acting as a GPS for traders.

It helps you navigate the choppy waters of trading by identifying low-volatility trade opportunities that have consistently occurred over the same time period each year.

These wave patterns are presented in an easy-to-understand format, allowing you to see and search for opportunities that have been profitable for 10 out of the last 10 years or more.

By default, they’re sorted by Sharpe Ratio from highest to lowest, covering 10 different markets. The Wave Viewer offers a clear direction, helping to guide you towards trades that feel more secure and consistent.

Click here for a short video on how to use the Wave Viewer.

Q: "How do you determine the Top 10 Trades of the day? (and what is the Sharpe Ratio?)"

A: Imagine you’re planning a hiking trip, and each trail offers a different treasure at the end but also comes with its own risks.

  • Trail A has a few slippery spots, but if you’re careful, you’ll find a chest with $1,000 worth of gold coins at the end.
  • Trail B is filled with bears, and the reward is a small jar of honey worth $20.
  • Trail C is a smooth path with no known dangers, but the prize at the end is just a shiny pebble.

The Sharpe Ratio is like a guidebook that helps you choose the best trail (or trade) by looking at both the treasure (reward) and the dangers (risk) along the way.

Trail A offers a valuable treasure without extreme dangers, making it the clear winner.

When we pick the Top 10 Trades of the day, we’re looking for opportunities like Trail A, where you have a good chance to experience gains without taking on too much risk.

In other words, it guides you to the hiking trails where you can enjoy valuable rewards without facing unnecessary or extreme dangers.

We use this guidebook to sort through billions of different trade possibilities, helping you find the ones that might be the best fit for your investment portfolio.

It’s our way of helping ensure you have a rewarding experience, just like finding the perfect trail for your hiking trip!

Q: "How much does it cost to subscribe to the Top 10 Trades?"

TradeWave’s daily Top 10 Trades email subscription is entirely free, with no hidden fees.

However, the REAL cost comes in missing out on the valuable insights provided.

Without this information, you might not only miss opportunities to capitalize on consistent gains but also risk entering trades at unfavorable times.

For example, you might be considering buying a particular stock during a time of year when it has consistently dropped every year during that time over the past 12 years.

Without TradeWave’s insights, you could unknowingly make a decision that goes against the historical wave pattern.

By subscribing to this free service, you gain access to insights that could guide you towards profitable opportunities and steer you away from potential losses. It’s like having a roadmap that shows both the treasure spots and the pitfalls, helping you navigate the market with greater confidence and success.

Q: "So should I take a few trades on your Top 10 list if I want to make a lot of money?"

A: It’s important to understand that TradeWave is not an investment advisor or broker, and we cannot legally or ethically recommend you trade anything.

We provide “history lessons,” sharing what stocks and other securities have done over the past 10 years or longer. However, the past does not always equal the future.

The Top 10 Trades are designed to reveal previously hidden opportunities (and potential pitfalls) in the market, but it’s crucial that you do your own homework and take 100% responsibility for any trading decisions you make, good or bad.

Think of our information as a map of the river, showing you where the calm streams and whitewater rapids are, but you must decide which route to take based on your own skills and comfort level.

Never trade money you can’t afford to lose, and always do your own due diligence.

Our Wave Viewer is an amazingly helpful tool for navigating the markets, but the final decisions must always be yours.

For more detailed information on the risks involved, please see our Risk Disclaimer page.

Q: "Can I integrate TradeWave with my existing brokerage account?"

Great question!

While TradeWave offers valuable insights with our Wave Viewer and daily Top 10 reports, we don’t directly connect with brokerage accounts.

Think of us like a seasoned navigator on a ship; we can chart the course and point out potential treasures (or hazards) on the map, but the actual steering and the decision on which route to take rests with the captain – that’s you!

Before acting on the opportunities we help you identify, it’s wise to consult with your financial advisor. Once you’ve done that, use a trusted broker to execute the trade, ensuring it aligns with your trading objectives.

Our main mission is to help you identify those golden opportunities in the vast sea of the market, but the final call on setting sail towards them is yours.